Our Shipping Partner


We had one of our loyal customers call late one Thursday night. She had arrived in Chicago, checked into her hotel, and went to retrieve the awards she needed for the next day's award banquet from guest services. She called us in a panic because the hotel had no record of receiving the awards. So, as we were about to walk out the door for the night, we had an emergency that needed our attention.

We researched the project only to realize that we had inadvertently sent the awards to the hotel where she had her banquet the year before…in Dallas. Somehow, we needed to get the awards from Dallas back across the country to Chicago. Our team started working! We called the hotel in Dallas and made contact with an associate who was willing to help us. We also called our rep, Kris House, at UPS and told her of the mistake that been had made. ups-partner.jpg

Kris went right to work. She worked with our contact at the Dallas hotel and sent him new electronic shipping labels which he printed and affixed to the boxes. Then, she called a driver in Dallas and asked him to go back to the hotel to find and pick up these boxes. Our shipping team, our customer service team, and Kris House and the UPS team all worked together well past 5:00 pm in order to fix our mistake.

We left work a couple hours later and had the assurance that UPS would do the rest. Sure enough, the next morning our customer called saying she had received the boxes from Dallas. Her event was salvaged thanks to the efforts of our team and Team UPS. Mission accomplished…the day was saved!

We are a Core Values based organization. This means that all of our decisions are run through the filter of our values. We staff our company based on the Core Values, we provide products and services based on the Core Values, and we choose our vendors based on these same values. We work to maintain great relationships with vendors who share our Core Values.

Here are a few of our Core Values: "Be Lean and Efficient", "Purse Excellence", and "Collaborate". UPS regularly demonstrates the willingness to work with us in the spirit of these values. The story above is just one instance where UPS enabled us to maintain a great customer relationship. Kris House and UPS have done a remarkable job in helping us with numerous "out of the box" requests.

UPS and Trophy Awards have a great relationship because they have repeatedly demonstrated alignment to the values we hold most dear within our organization. Because of this, we will continue to choose UPS for all of our package delivery needs. We don't ever want to disappoint a customer. We try to be flexible and accommodating to all customer feedback, but in the case of shipping providers, we are going to continue using UPS. They enable us to provide a superior service to our customers. We believe this healthy partnership ultimately provides you, our customer, with an outstanding customer experience. This is the hope, heart, and spirit that drives our decision.


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